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Jazz Awards 2018 in jeopardy
Feb 4th, 2018 | By

The 2018 JJA Jazz Awards, presented annually since 1996, will be discontinued if new leadership is not found to spearhead the complex, time-consuming and costly activity. Consider this email a call to JJA

members interested in taking up the effort — at the very least by considering what benefits the Awards bring to the JJA as well as to the musicians and journalists they … [read more]


JJA’s Jazz Media Summit: Women, Social Justice, Extending Reach
Jan 20th, 2018 | By

The first ever (?!?) panel discussion of gender issues by four women who are professional jazz journalists (documented to vlogger Ms Michal Shapiro) kicked off the JJA’s Jazz Media Summit on January 13, 2018 at the Jazz Gallery in New York City. The 91-minute session on “Women in Jazz Journalism” is embedded:

Above, Jordannah Elizabeth

Michelle Mercer

Michelle Mercer, of NPR and … [read more]


Bill Moody

Dick Conte of KCSM (San Mateo) has reported the death of Bill Moody, a JJA member, jazz drummer, radio show host and author, on January 12, 2018. Bill was 76, and died at his home in Vallejo, California.

Writes Conte, with whom Moody performed in recent year, “Bill spent many years in Europe, Las Vegas and the S.F. Bay … [read more]

W. Royal Stokes

W. Royal Stokes, author most recently of three novels as well as four previous books on jazz, a founding member of the JJA and past editor of Jazz Notes, annually presents a roundup of books he’s received, posted on his on blog. Many but not all of them are related to jazz and/or other forms of music, … [read more]

An extensive list of hundreds of international esteemed jazz, blues, gospel and “creative music” instrumentalists, singers and adherents of those arts who died in 2017. Compiled for the Jazz Journalists Association from sources including local newspapers, the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt weekly newsletter, AllAboutJazz.com, Wikipedia, the New York Times, Legacy.com, Rolling Stone, Variety, JazzTimes.com, blogs, list-serves, Facebook pages and European publications. Links to their fuller … [read more]

Editor’s note: Nat Hentoff, jazz journalist, civil rights advocate and JJA Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, died January 7, 2017. Christine Passarella, educator and founder of Kids for Coltrane, was among those benefitting from Nat’s attentions and support. 

A Writer Supreme, by Christine Passarella

Nat Hentoff

In a New York City Greenwich Village apartment sat a man deeply absorbed in … [read more]

W. Royal Stokes, JJA Lifetime Achievement in Jazz Journalism honoree (among other distinctions)

W. Royal Stokes has posted his annual roundup of music-and-culture-related books he received from publishers in 2016. He has annotated each of  150 titles with notes from their press releases and his own mini-reviews. His comments on books dealing specifically with jazz are excerpted below.

If you’d … [read more]

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President's Report

Over the course of 29 years, the Jazz Journalists Association has developed from being a loose coalition of like-minded professional writers, photographers and broadcasters to a 501 (c) (3) non-profit with global outreach through its online programs and community-based initiatives. W. Royal Stokes, a founding member of the JJA, detailed the JJA’s history in 2013. 

The seeds of the Jazz … [read more]

Member Updates

Jazz journalism is alive and well, as JJA members are getting their news and views about the music out in every media platform — locally, nationally and internationally.We never sleep! See the most recent publications and other work reported by the extremely active members of the Jazz Journalists Association after the jump. If you’re a JJA member and want your recent activities included [read more]

Book Reviews

His lyrics, initially inspired by Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson and Hank Williams and defying the conventions of pop music, have incorporated political, social, philosophical and literary themes, in the process personalizing musical genres and acquiring an immense listenership, not just in the counterculture, as in the beginning of his career, but in the wider public. He is indeed a superstar and an American artistic icon.