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Talking Jazz 7: New Online Jazz Publications

Jazz ‘Magazines’ for the 21st Century

Wed April 23, 2014  8pm EDT



  Panelists: New Online Jazz Publications

Creative new online publications are exploring new ways  to bring jazz news and information to fans and open new opportunities for jazz journalists.  While some print magazines have moved online slowly and reluctantly, fearing a loss of readers and revenues, these new publications have eagerly embraced the web and are boldly using video, audio and social media as they work to build new audiences for themselves– and for jazz.
In this online webinar/Google Hangout, our expert panel of online  jazz publishers and editors  will share experiences and talk about the challenges and rewards of building a jazz publication online. They’ll explain what they have to offer readers, including those who do not count themselves as jazz fans yet, and give tips to jazz media makers who want to contribute to their publications.


Panelists (l-r):
John Moultrie , founder of the iRock Jazz Brand, was originally scheduled for this panel but won’t be able to attend for personal reasons.
Giovanni Russonello is the editor of CapitalBop.com, published by a non-profit organization of the same name, “dedicated to promoting Washington, D.C.’s vibrant, varied and surprisingly under-appreciated jazz scene.” The website “is designed to help everyone from novices to hardcore bopheads find live music that will fit their preferences on any given night.” CapitalBop.com includes a comprehensive local jazz calendar, as well as articles and multi-media coverage of local jazz. CapitalBop also produces a monthly series of live performances , D.C. Jazz Lofts, which ranges across idioms undefined from acoustic to electric, bebop to free jazz. Russonello is also a regular contributor to JazzTimes and  has written for NPR Music, The Atlantic online, MSNBC.com, Politico and others.
Anthony Dean-Harris is the editor of Nextbop.com   Dean-Harris says Nextbop’s mission “isn’t just about promoting jazz to jazz lovers. Nextbop is about appealing to everyone. It’s about promoting jazz to the world. It’s about showing the indie rock crowd, the punk rock crowd, the hip hop crowd and so many other scenes that this music is great and it’s not so far off from what you’re used to hearing.” Dean-Harris also directs the The Art of Cool Project and is radio host of The Line-Up at Jazz 91.7 FM, KRTU San Antonio, Texas.

Danilo Navas created Latin Jazz Network (latinjazznet.com) in 2000 as a way of combining his  passions for Afro/Latin Music, Jazz and World Music, and new technology.  Navas, who was born in Nicaragua and now lives in Toronto, Canada, says “Part of our mandate is to present the creations of independent as well as established musicians. Through our web site, we have introduced new artists to the public from as far away as Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Italy, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands. And of course from United States and Canada.” In 2011 Navas launched World Music Report. Most recently, he has been instrumental in the development of Jazz da Gama and Jazz de la Pena  through Jazz Global Media, his New Media company, which is currently working on several projects, all related to the arts, culture and entertainment.

Moderated by JJA President Howard Mandel.

 You’ll be able to watch live video of our panel (via Google Hangouts on Air) and post your own comments and questions for the panelists.

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