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Talking Jazz 1: Where We’ll Hear Jazz


The Future of Jazz: Where We’ll Hear Jazz

Wed Sept 18 8pm EDT



Presenters play a key role in deciding what jazz audiences hear live and where and how they hear it. Many new kinds of jazz venues and presenting organizations –both for profit and nonprofit– have been started in the last few years, and they will shape the future of the music and determine how jazz will find new audiences. Our panel will provide some expert views of  what’s happening now and  where it’s all going. 

 Talking Jazz 1 panelists
Adrian Ellis, executive director of Jazz at Lincoln Center 2007 – 2011 now the principal of Adrian Ellis Consulting, Gene Dobbs Bradford, executive director of Jazz St. Louis, and Meghan Stabile the founder and CEO of Revive Music Group  will talk about “Where We’ll Be Hearing Jazz.”  Moderated by JJA President Howard Mandel.


 TheJazzCruise.comThe 2013-14 JJA online Talking Jazz panels are presented by The Jazz Cruise as part of its Anita E. Berry Jazz Education Fund, with further support from Century Media Partners


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