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JJA Member Directories

These  public JJA Member Directories  can be used to find  JJA members qualified to contribute to your  publication or production or to assist you with your jazz-related project.  Both directories can be searched by name and, where the member has chosen to list these, by area of expertise and geographic location.

Please note: Some members have chosen not to  list certain information or not to be included in these public directories.  Most listed members can be contacted  using the “Send Message” button in their profile.  Message buttons should be used ONLY for individual, personal communications. Sending mass or duplicate messages to multiple members is a violation of our terms of service and will be regarded as spam. 

JJA Professional Members

This searchable directory includes professional (voting) JJA members. It contains the profiles of  hundreds of  writers, photographers, film makers, videographers, radio and web producers and others who cover jazz as professional journalists.  JJA Student Members are also listed.

JJA Industry Associates & Industry Supporters

This searchable directory includes JJA Industry Associates and Supporters.  These are non-voting JJA members who are   musicians or educators or who work in publishing, music recording and presentation, public relations, marketing and other allied fields.  They support the JJA’s work  and actively participate in and contribute to JJA activities aimed at exploring new and old media in order to build interest in, and an ever-larger audience for, jazz. They represent a wide variety of institutions and businesses.  Some provide professional services to clients.
JJA MEMBERS: To update your directory profile or to view “Members Only” directory information, you must go to
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