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About JJA News

JJA News is a publication of the Jazz Journalists Association

Editorial Consultants

David Adler

Howard Mandel

W. Royal Stokes

JoAnn Kawell

About the Jazz Journalists Association

The Jazz Journalists Association (JJA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that supports the creation and dissemination of accurate, balanced, ethical and informative journalism on all of jazz’s genres and encourages the creative use of media to spur the growth, development and education of the audience for jazz. It provides forums for the discussion of jazz-related issues and events, fosters the development of journalistic and presentation skills among new journalists and encourages the development of new skills, including knowledge of online and social media, in journalists already engaged in the field.

 We believe that jazz is an important cultural resource and means of  individual and community expression.  Jazz has its roots in African-American music and history and  it has developed to include participants of all races and backgrounds.  Jazz media should reflect the diversity of jazz itself. The legacy of jazz must be preserved while the music continues to evolve;  jazz must also remain visible and available to diverse populations and all ages. To these ends, the JJA stresses that community network building and effective media use go together;  we also  work to build networks and media skills  among musicians, educators, local presenters and listeners themselves, and we encourage the use of  these networks and skills to tell local jazz stories.

Board of Directors

Howard Mandel, President & Executive Director

Carolyn McClair
Don Palmer
Neil Tesser
Michael J. West



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Jazz Journalists Association
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