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Congrats in Order — Fellowships for Musicians and Colleagues —

Apr 19th, 2012 | By

Half a dozen jazz musicians and a jazz biographer have been honored in the past two weeks with fellowships carrying significant financial gifts. Don Byron, Bill Frisell, John Hollenbeck. Vijay Iyer and Nicole Mitchell have been named to the first class of Doris Duke Charitable Foundation artists, while drummer-composer Bobby Previte and Terry Teachout, biographer of Louis Armstrong currently working … [read more]

Jazz Day 2012: JJA Jazz Awards Nominations Announced, Blogathon Begins

Apr 13th, 2012 | By
Happy Jazz Day! Nominations for the 2012 JJA Jazz Awards are out and the JJA Blogathon has begun profiling jazz in communities around the world.

Crowd-funding jazz projects has ups and downs

Feb 29th, 2012 | By
Websites like Kickstarter.com – and ArtistShare, a comparable plan that preceded it -- have provided creative types with a community-backed alternative to “traditional” project fundraising options.

Jazz World News — and how it works

Feb 25th, 2012 | By

Please note: JJANews has installed a new aggregated column:  Jazz World News. This feature is being moderated  JJANews editors, who will post headlines with links of articles presumed to be interest and value from any sources we find.

Unfortunately, those headlines/links will not appear on the front page of JJANews — you must click on Jazz World News to see … [read more]

Average income, jazz musicians: $23,000?

Feb 17th, 2012 | By

According to partial, “first look” results of the Future of Music Coaltion’s Money from Music Survey, independent jazz musicians on average made approximately $23,000 in 2011. Jazz musicians who are members of the American Federation of Musicians had a mean income of $37,ooo. The survey included self-reported data from 800 musicians, almost entirely living in the United States.

Finances reported … [read more]

Katie Malloch retires! Listeners distraught!

Feb 10th, 2012 | By

Katie Malloch, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s devoted voice of jazz, is retiring after four decades of support for a scene that’s grown from a small, scattered underground to a nationwide festival circuit, the envy of the music world.

Host since 2007 of the CBC Radio 2 weekday jazz-soul-Latin-world music show “Tonic,” before that the long-running “Jazz Beat,” before that “That … [read more]

Is Jazz BAM, and BAM jazz? Payton panel ponders

Jan 29th, 2012 | By

Trumpeter Nicholas Payton calls what he does BAM, for black American music, avering that

from left: Orrin Evans, Gary Bartz, Nicholas Payton, Touré

negative connotations of the “j-word” does the music and the musicians no good. He gathered instrumentalists Gary Bartz, Marcus Strickland, Orrin Evans and Ben Wolfe to a panel in mid January moderated by writer Touré at Birdland … [read more]

Trombonist launches Philly jazz fest, Kickstarter-willing

Jan 27th, 2012 | By
"One day with a lot of great bands, mainly original music, a lot of personalities." -- Ernest Stuart

Appreciating the first African-American artists’ manager in jazz

Jan 24th, 2012 | By

Arnold Jay Smith blogs about the late John Levy, 1913 – 2012 — bassist, manager to jazz greats, NEA Jazz Master.… [read more]

Critique student jazz journalists’ articles, photos

Jan 21st, 2012 | By

High school students from the Germantown Central School District on New York State (about 20 miles northeast of Woodstock) had a go at jazz journalism in early December, when four of a class of

Joe Locke, photo by Jahn Jaeger

about 30 studying Digital Photography and Journalism took up the challenge to write about or post photos of a performance by the Joe Locke Trio … [read more]