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First-time new member dues discount! Good ’til 1/24

Dec 19th, 2015 | By
photo by Fran Kaufman

JJA Jazz Awards party, photo by Fran Kaufman

The JJA has announced a discount for first-time new membership in the JJA — $15 off regular first year dues of $90 for journos) and $100 for supporters joining before Jan. 24, 2016.  To join use promo code CONNECT16. This discount does not apply to renewals — a discount for renewals was offered earlier in 2015.

Those who join before Dec 31 — including renewalsbefore Dec 31, 2015 can get the JJA’s pre-registration discount for Jazz Connect (Jan 14-15, NYC) and post their 2015 Best (or Worst) lists here at JJANews.  

JJA members may post and upgrade their professional profiles, attend an upcoming Jazz Connect social event, participate in the JJA’s 2016 Jazz Heroes campaign and the 20th annual JJA Jazz Awards.

Currently comprising some 200 members and a much larger contact list of writers, editors, photographers, broadcasters, publishers, videographers, new media professionals and innovators, musicians, publicists, presenters, educational institutions, non-profits, community groups, corporate institutions and devoted listeners all involved in the flow of news and views of jazz, the JJA seeks members of every age and background who will benefit from strengthening their own networks, streams and platforms through mutual affiliation.

JJA dues are usually tax-deductible (ask your accountant); dues paid in 2015 would be 2015 write-offs.

JJA Awardees Chgo

JJA past pres Art Lange (l) and board member Neil Tesser (r) flank Chicago Jazz Heroes Joe Segal and Geraldine de Haas. Photo by ??

To recap: $75 or $85 for new, first time new members will be introduced to the JJA’s international online activities (media webinars, Facebook page sharing, members-only group chats)  as well as on-the-ground activities in cities across the U.S. from Boston to the Bay Area (in 2015 including Ann Arbor, Baltimore, Bloomington, Chicago, southern Florida, Madison, Memphis, New Brunswick, New Orleans, NY State’s Capital Region, New York City,  Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland OR, Santa Cruz, Seattle, St. Louis, Tallahassee, Washington DC and Woodstock).

The first time new members’ promo code CONNECT16 applying to first year dues is good until Jan 24. The JJA can do even more to raise the profile in media of jazz — and so improve opportunities for jazz journalists, as well as energize jazz worldwide — with participation of people whose fresh approaches, energies and experiences will complement m current perspectives and strategies for dealing with the professional challenges of initiating and realizing media projects, engaging with artists, audiences and contemporary culture, building and advancing careers.

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