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Talking Jazz Series II, webinar #3, January 21 8 pm est

Jazz educators/academics and jazz journalists: friends or foes?

Jan 21st, 2015 | By

The Jazz Journalists Association’s free webinar series Talking Jazz continues Wednesday, January 21 at 8 pm Eastern standard time with a freewheeling discussion on the relationship between jazz academia and jazz journalism. Panelists Dr. Monika Herzig, Dr. Larry Ridley, Alex W. Rodrigues and Neil Tesser will take up questions, moderated by JJA president Howard Mandel. PanelStripAccess to the webinar is free, and questions/comments are welcome from al attendees, but pre-registration is requested: register at http://jjanews.org/?p=5105

Among the issues that might come up:

  • Does the world of jazz scholarship respect and employ the work of jazz journalists, and do jazz journalists gain from relations with the academy?
  • Are the worlds of jazz education and jazz information/dissemination parallel or do they intersect?
  • What values and techniques do both media-makers and teachers hold dear, or need to acquire?

Are there ways to build or strengthen bonds, or are these two sectors of the jazz ecology forever separate, equal or not?

Hear what our panel of experts has to say and post your own questions and comments for the panel at this open-to-all Google Hangout. All JJA Talking Jazz webinars are archived upon completion for free access on YouTube.

The 2014-15  JJA online Talking Jazz panels are presented by The Jazz Cruise as part of its Anita E. Berry Jazz Education Fund.

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