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“Jazz Radio in Transition,” first JJA webinar of 2014-2015

Nov 16th, 2014 | By

“Jazz Radio in Transition” is the first JJA “Talking Jazz” webinar of 2014 – 2015, an interactive Google Hangout free to all registrants and the first in a planned series to focus on present changes and challenges in music broadcasting.

Radio in Transition panelists

A panel comprising (depicted from left) Jim Wilke, JJA Willis Conover-Marian McPartland Award winner and departing program host of Jazz After Hours, syndicated by Public Radio International; Jeff Hanley, Wilke’s Jazz After Hours successor and former music director of KJZZ; WEMU music director Linda Yohn (herself a frequently Conover-McPartland nominee), and Dr. Brad Stone, producer and host of “The Creative Source” for the online station  www.soulandjazz.com will consider how the internet has changed everything (or has it?), taking questions from attendees for a live-streamed 90 minutes. Like all “Talking Jazz” webinars, upon completion “Jazz Radio in Transition” will be archived for free access at YouTube.com. JJA president Howard Mandel, an arts reporter for National Public Radio, will moderate “Jazz Radio in Transition.”

Sponsored by The Jazz Cruise as part of its Anita E. Berry Jazz Education Fund, “Talking Jazz” webinars are an aspect of the JJA’s ongoing efforts to explore the currently evolving media landscape through the directly recounted experiences of jazz journalists in the front lines. Future “Talking Jazz” webinars will consider satellite radio, blog radio and, it’s hoped, NPR’s new “Jazz Night in America” series.

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