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JJA public webinar, March 12 8 pm EST

Are digital downloads good/better/useless for reviewing?

Mar 5th, 2013 | By

The JJA’s March 12 online panel discussion took on a current, thorny recording industry issue:

Jason Kao Hwang, Joyce Feienbaum, Robert Bortash

Are digital downloads acceptable for review? Writers, editors, radio show hosts and program directors, record label publicists and self-producing musicians are all facing the questions of advantages and disadvantages regarding physical, financial, file formats and delivery of promo copies to the people who really want/need them, with adequate support information and credits, accompanying an evident shift in public listening habits as mp3s have become prevalent and hard-copy discs considered by many listeners a thing of the past.

If you missed the online panel, you can still view the recording.

Panelists Jason Kao Hwang, violinist, composer-improviser and self-producer; Joyce Feigenbaum, publicist and promotions director of Cuneiform Records, and Robert Bartosh, CEO of RadioSubmit, addressed the complexities.  JJA President Howard Mandel moderated, and as always the panel discussion is archived for later access.  View the recording


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