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Hands-on Blogging Workshops: free for JJA members, low-cost to others

Oct 21st, 2012 | By

Believing that web logs — “blogs” — and knowing how to use blog software have become requisites for anyone now using media professionally, the JJA introduces a series of four “how-to” workshops conducted by JJA media director JA Kawell, starting Tuesday, October 23 at 8 pm EDT.

“Whether or not you have or are thinking about starting a blog,” wrote Howard Mandel, JJA president, in a missive to members, “we think blogging-related skills and knowledge of blogging software are essential today for jazz journalists and for anyone working in an arts-related organization and business.” For those who already blog, the series (which continues November 7 and 20 and December 4) offers skills upgrades, including details on building readership and “going pro” (that is, potentials to monetize).

These four workshops are distinct from the JJA’s free-to-all webinars on blogging, which continue Tuesday, November 13 featuring a panel of newly emerged bloggers including Angelika Beener (Alternate Takes), Veronica Grandison (Roots Rhythm and Rhyme), Alex W. Rodriguez (Lubricity) and Jon Wertheim (The Disgruntled Jazz Critic). The previous webinar, “Blogging: Tales From Veterans” with Pamela Espeland (Bebopified), Willard Jenkins (The Independent Ear) and Marc Myers (JazzWax), is archived for continued access. These webinars have been and are to be moderated by Mandel, who also maintains a blog (JazzBeyondJazz).
The blogging workshops, though free to JJA members, are being offered for a low fee — $15 each, $50 for all four — to non-members. Advance registration is required of everyone who wants to participate in either the panel webinars or the online workshops. 
“Blogs aren’t just for personal expression anymore,” says Kawell, who has created and supervised the JJA’s members website (memnbers.jazzjournalists.org) and Jazz Awards websites since 2009. “They’re great for that, but are also great pr0motional and support platforms for personal projects like books and lecture tours. Blogs work to help media makers and artists, also, maintain up-to-date online presence and be visible to potential clients, employers and audiences.” She notes that organizations and businesses are increasingly using blogs, often in conjunction with social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.) and that blogging software is currently being used to run most online publications, so knowledge of it is expected of staffers and, often, freelancers, too.

Kawell, who will be assisted in the workshops by Mandel and other bloggers, promises to offer “nitty-gritty, concrete skills that you can use to start your own blog or work on an existing site.” She suggests, “If you’ve never blogged or used blogging software like WordPress or Blogger before, start with the Blogging Basics 1. If you already have a blog or some knowledge of blogging, the Intermediate and/or Advanced sessions may be the ones for you.”

Attendees to all four workshops who pass a brief multiple-choice test on the content will get a JJA Blogger/Certificate of Completion.

Here’s the complete Workshop schedule; or check out the overview of all Blogging-related online events.

Oct 23 Blogging  Basics 1:Getting Started More info and REGISTER 
Nov 7 Blogging Basics 2:Polishing & Promoting Your Blog More info and REGISTER
Nov 20 Intermediate Blogging:Building your Readership More info and REGISTER
Dec 4 Advanced Blogging: Going “Pro” More info and REGISTER

Register for all four workshops
The JJA’s previous instructional initiative, eyeJAZZ training in short-form video news production comprising 15 90-minute webinars taught by Mandel, Kawell, Floyd Webb and Bret Primack, remains available, free, in archived form.

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