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Leading Russian jazz journalist on tour

Cyril Moshkow in America

Oct 26th, 2012 | By

Cyril Moshkow, publisher and editor of Jazz.Ru, author of a Russian-only book on the American jazz business and a longtime correspondent/friend of the JJA, came to the U.S. in October to introduce
pianist Ivan Farmakovsky’s American quartet in performance at Princeton University and elsewhere.Here’s a brief report from Cyril.  His detailed reports are on his blog and other platforms linked to below:

The research institutions I’ve visited (detailed in my blog entry here) have included the Jazz Museum in Harlem and the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers, in order to make a short documentary movie about how such institutions work, how their operations are set and how they look from inside. This documentary, which is currently being edited, is intended for internal use in the Russian Jazz Research Center, with which I am heavily involved as one of the Board members. We will show the documentary to the RJRC Board and staff, so that they will understand better what we are up to. More on the RJRC project here.

And here’s my Russian Jazz History presentation. If the videos won’t play inside the presentation (which happens if I convert from Open Office format to MS Power Point format), just play them in an external player (there are only two videos.) Inside the ZIP archive, there’s also a DOC file with handout materials for the lecture, which serves as an addition to the presentation. If the link opens in Russian, click ENGLISH in the lower right part of the page.

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