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Seeking JJANews staff

Jul 7th, 2012 | By

JJANews.org, the public publication of the JJA, is seeking staff. News reporters and book reviewers in particular are sought to contribute to the site, while the search for an editor (a paid position for the candidate who can meet benchmarks) continues. Guidance and supportive editorial supervision are available to successful applicants.

The JJA also seeks a professional graphics designer and responsible webmaster, expert in WordPress. To apply or for further information, contact President@JazzJournalists.org.

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2 Comments to “Seeking JJANews staff”

  1. avatar joyce says:

    what is involved with being a book reviewer.. i am just curious..


    • avatar JJA Editor says:

      Reading and reviewing books. If there’s a book you know you want to read and are willing to write about, contact me to see if it’s already been assigned. We can negotiate how to obtain a copy, length of review, date it’s due, etc.

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