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Our new "storify" column

Jazz World News — and how it works

Feb 25th, 2012 | By

Please note: JJANews has installed a new aggregated column:  Jazz World News. This feature is being moderated  JJANews editors, who will post headlines with links of articles presumed to be interest and value from any sources we find.

Unfortunately, those headlines/links will not appear on the front page of JJANews — you must click on Jazz World News to see them. Please do!

The column is made easy by Storify, software which creates a blog-like “story” from url postings. Easy — but still a couple editors have to keep watch for relevant news items and open up the software a couple of times a day to update our Storify story. Due to the setup of JJANews, “Jazz World News” must be in the center column of our layout, which is not exactly the most prominent placement. And it’s contents will be continually refreshed, meaning interested readers ought to check in on it with some frequency. That’s why this article is being posted, to alert you to what should be a lively addition to this site.

If you, JJA members, see an article online, a Tweet, Facebook, Youtube or Flickr posting that you think is Jazz World News that you want colleagues to see, please send the url to: Editor@jjanews.org.

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