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Longtime contributor becomes official

JJA names online administrator

Feb 23rd, 2012 | By

Jo Ann Kawell, a fervent contributor to many JJA projects over the past five years, has formally accepted the job of Online Administrator. A writer, editor, radio producer, online media consultant with her own firm, Ozmotic Media, Jo Ann has been responsible for creating the JJA’s membership website, Jazz Awards sites, Facebook pages, and was both admin and instructor of the eyeJAZZ training program. She was also co-producer of the JJA conference sessions at APAP and the Chamber Music America conventions in January 2012.

Having worked at the Chicago Daily News, National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” (including a stint as a freelancer in Peru), Pacifica Radio, the North American Congress on Latin America, the New York Daily News and New York Botanical Garden, among other places, she is well-versed in traditional journalism and not-for-profit organizations. She first worked with the JJA in the 1990s, as a contract advisor for the National Writers Union.

As a JJA volunteer, JoAnn took on the considerable task of  digitizing the JJA’s membership records and moving them into the online database which forms the core of the new JJA Member Site.   She also created the intricate network of online platforms which comprise the JJA’s Google “office suite”, and all ticketing and promotion pages for the Jazz Awards and APAP conferences, Facebook pages for the recent members-only discussion of Jazz Awards nominations and eyeJAZZ training sites are all Jo Ann’s volunteer work. When members receive automatic mailings regarding their dues renewals, use the members’ profile pages or post their Top 10 lists at JJANews, these features exist due to Jo Ann’s oversight. She also instigated the Jazz Awards webcasts in 2010 and 2011. We’re happy — and lucky — to have her with the organization.

The search for an online administrator resulted in two other applications, and both parties — talented and experienced people — are being contacted for discussion about how else they might work with the JJA.

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One Comment to “JJA names online administrator”

  1. avatar Susan Fox says:

    Congratulations, Jo Ann! I can’t think of anyone better to fill this position and thank you for all you have done and will do for the JJA. We’re a much stronger organization for your efforts.

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