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Reinvigorate JJANews!

Editor, staff, submissions sought

Dec 5th, 2011 | By

JJANews.org seeks an editor-in-chief — who will receive a regular (though very small) stipend, if negotiated benchmarks are met — as well as regular contributors and occasional submissions by all members of the JJA.

The public face of the Jazz Journalists Association, JJANews has existed for the past nine months depending on the work of minimal staff, with few new postings up about the business of jazz or happenings in jazz journalism, the main focal points of this biz-to-biz site. News of JJA activities are also vital here; however, JJANews could do much to raise the level of communications in the overall jazz world with part-time attentions from a coterie of savvy journalists who develop their own leads to come up with substantiated articles about issues that matter regarding jazz presentation, recordings, web-platforms, legacy journalism, and legalities affecting related industries and professions. Articles need not be long, but should report on growth and transformation to counter common punditry about jazz’s failure and irrelevance.

Benchmarks established for the successful candidate for JJA editor include both article productivity and website administration. Experience with straight news reporting, copy editing, headline writing, reporter management and blogs is essential. Specific training is available to the candidate who commits to at least a year-long involvement. Other benefits of working with core aspects of JJA programming will also pertain to the JJANews editor-in-chief. Benefits for contributors to JJANews include being edited and mentored by senior JJA members, building skills and clip files, name recognition within the industry, etc.

For information about the post of editor, or about how to submit articles to JJANews, please email president@jazzjournalists.org.

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