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Best Music Writing editor seeks best music writing; Nieman seeks fellows

Opportunities for journalists

Jan 15th, 2011 | By

The Best Music Writing series editor has called for submissions for its 2011 edition, to be guest edited by New Yorker music critic Alex Ross, and the Nieman Fellowship applications deadline is January 31 for journalists who want to spend a year in financially-supported study at Harvard.

Daphne Carr, whose annual anthology of music writing has been published by Da Capo for a decade, wants

brilliant features, essays, profiles, news articles, interviews, creative non-fiction, fiction, book reviews, long-format reviews, blog posts, and journal articles on musical and music culture-related topics. I am also looking for work that doesn’t fit into these categories—more whimsical and/or emergent forms of music writing.

Carr defines “music” broadly and all-inclusively, and wants “writing” to have been published in periodical or online form in calendar year 2010. She won’t consider books, book chapters, liner notes or broadcast transcripts, but will take submissions as email or snail mail. Deadline is February 7; write her at musicwriting@gmail.com for further information.

The Nieman Fellowship Program is one of the plums of journalistic ambition, allowing successful applicants (and their spouses) to study courses of their choice at Harvard University for an entire school year, with funding (and, for journalists with staff positions, the agreement that jobs will await the fellows’ return). Applications require sample journalism, four letters of recommendation, a filled-out form and two short essays. The program is very competitive, typically seeing 10 applicants for every available position, of which there are usually a dozen. However, there is now a special fellowship in Arts and Culture Reporting. For specifics on that program, and other activities including the Neiman Program on Narrative Journalism, write to nieman_applications@harvard.edu.

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