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Deaths in 2010

Jan 3rd, 2011 | By

Compiled by W. Royal Stokes and Ken Franckling

[This list has been updated.]


Trumpeters Harry Beckett, John Evers, Rory Thomas; trumpeter, flugelhornist, pianist, bandleader, composer, visual artist and educator Bill Dixon; trumpeter and educator Clyde Kerr, Jr.

Cornetist and bandleader Tom Saunders

Trombonist Donald Gardner; trombonist, bandleader and arranger Peter Herbolzheimer; trombonist, composer, singer, educator and actor, Benny Powell; trombonist and bandleader Buddy Morrow

Valve trombonist, composer, arranger, educator and bandleader Rob McConnell

Tuba player Harvey Phillips

Saxophonists Tony Campise, Max Lucas, Freddie Syer, Carmen Leggio, Earl Clark, Eddie Johnson, Rudy Wooten, Hadley Caliman, Noah Howard, Ahmad Salaheldeen, Ed Wiley, Jr., Ernst Gerber, Michael York; saxophonists, clarinetists and bandleaders Dick Johnson, Joe Rinaldi; saxophonist, clarinetist, bandleader, composer and educator John Dankworth; saxophonist and club owner Fred Anderson; saxophonist, bass clarinetist, bandleader, composer and arranger Willem Breuker; saxophonist and composer Manfred Schulze; saxophonist, educator and writer Ahmad Alaadeen; saxophonist, flutist, clarinetist, composer, educator, bandleader and civil rights activist Buddy Collette; saxophonist, bandleader and pictorial artist Marion Brown; saxophonist, flutist and bandleader James Moody; saxophonist, artist, educator and hip-hop MC Richard Lee Sisco, Jr.

Clarinetist Chuck Hedges; clarinetist and saxophonist Paulo Moura; clarinetist, saxophonist, composer, arranger and educator Leon Breeden; clarinetist and bandleader Monty Sunshine

Flutist Eddie Perales

Violinist and singer Betty MacDonald

Pianists Artie Marco, John Bunch, Hank Jones, Sid Simmons, Johnny Parker, Joe Vito, Fritz Trippel, Tony Schilder, Harry Whitaker; pianist, organist and bandleader Jane Jarvis; pianist Artie Marco; pianists and singers Joyce Collins, Trudy Pitts Carney; pianist, singer and composer Johnny Alf; pianist and club owner Harold Kaufman; pianist, bandleader, composer and educator Erwin Lehn; pianist and composer Allyn Ferguson; pianist, bassist and arranger Art Mineo; pianist, bandleader, composer, writer, broadcaster, producer and educator Billy Taylor; pianist, composer, educator Hotep Idris Galeta

Keyboardist T. Lavitz

Organists Gloria Coleman, Rosa Rio, Gene Ludwig

Accordionist Esteban “Steve” Jordan

Vibraphonists Carl Leukaufe, Jack Brokensha; vibraphonist, composer and arranger Bobby Vincent Paunetto

Guitarists Herb Ellis, Jeff Tillman, Johnnie Moon; guitarist and singer Tam White; guitarist and educator Frank Dawson

Bassists Jamil Nasser, Theo Wilson, Andy McCloud, Bob Bowen, Webster Roach, Johnny “Chano” Martinez, Ed Crockett; bassist, sousaphonist and educator Walter Payton, Jr.

Drummers Ed Thigpen, Jake Hanna, Bob Emery, Steve Reid, Edgar Bateman, Montego Joe (Roger Sanders), Martin Drew, Chris Dagley, Maurice Hines, Sr., Wally “Gator” Watson; drummer and educator David Via; drummer, bandleader and composer Jack Parnell, Hakiem Emanuel Thompson

Percussionists Victor (Negrito) Pantoja, Mike Collazo, Francisco Aguabella; percussionist, singer and bandleader Giovanni Lugo; percussionist and composer Bill Fitch; percussionist, band leader and educator Hector “Rudy” Regalado

Singers Cherie DeCastro, Graciela Perez-Grillo, Joya Sherrill, Olga Guillot, Bobby Hebb, Myrna Lake, Enrique Morente, Juanita Bramlette; singer and actress Lena Horne; singer, actress, composer and civil rights advocate Abbey Lincoln; singer, percussionist, and composer Eugenio “Gene” Hernández; singer and actor James H. Stovall, Jr.; singer and pianist Mimi Perrin

Bandleader and educator William P. Foster

Dancer and music advocate Billy Ruane

Actor, singer, composer and artist Rosendo Rosell

Blues, cabaret, R&B, soul, zydeco, gospel, world music, etc. performers Willie Mitchell, Lhasa de Sela, Teddy Pendergrass, Tom (T-Bone) Wolk, Marva Wright, Dixie Carter, Guru (Keith Elam/MC Keithy E), Ali Ollie Woodson, Marvin Isley, Harvey Fuqua, Walter Hawkins, Phillip Walker, Sugar Minot, Willie Pooch, Al Goodman, Phelps “Catfish” Collins, Maurice Hines, Sr., Robert Wilson, Arrow (Alphonsus Cassell), Richie Hayward, King Coleman, Albertina Walker, Solomon Burke, General Johnson, Gregory Isaacs, Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet), Teena Marie

Writer Hal Willard; writer and film producer David Mills; writer and trombonist Mike Zwerin; writer, newsletter publisher, editor, composer and singer Gene Lees; writer and pianist Jim Lester; graphic novelist and writer Harvey Pekar; writer and Latin musicologist Max Salazar

Composer Ray Passman; composer and singer Luis Kalaff; composer and multi-instrumentalist George David Weiss

Photographers Dennis Stock, Jim Marshall, Herman Leonard, Jean-Pierre Leloir; photographer and painter Peter DuFore; photographer, filmmaker and label owner George Pickow

Graphic designer S. Neil Fujita

Broadcasters Tony Cennamo, Dick Buckley, Jerry Marshall

Producer Wendell Edward Echols; producer and label founder Dick Griffey

Publisher, editor, writer, broadcaster, record producer and club manager John Norris

Editor and record producer Jack Tracy

Record producer, club owner and impresario Gigi Campi; record producer and music publisher Francis Dreyfus

Manager and drummer Stanley Kaye; manager and record label owner Derek Boulton

Producer Mario Pacheco; producer, arranger and keyboardist Dan Kleiman; producer, label owner and jazz society founder Joe Boughton; record producer, A&R man, record company executive, conductor, singer and oboe and English horn player Mitch Miller; producer, broadcaster, jazz loft host, writer, educator, jazz advocate, label and nonprofit and magazine founder Gary Bannister

Club (Iridium) founder and owner Irving Sturm

Jazz society founder and executive Niranjan Jhaveri

Audio engineer Jack Towers; audio engineer and tuba player Walter Sear

Recording engineer Fran Bruno

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4 Comments to “Deaths in 2010”

  1. avatar Rob Miller says:

    Bill Dixon? Possibly the most significant loss for jazz in 2010.

  2. Too many great musicians died this year and I hope we can continue to honour all of them as well as possible .

    More info on Noah Howard will be posted regularly on his website at NoahHoward.com and on his fanpage on facebook.

    Welcome further suggestions .


  3. avatar Dan Morgenstern says:

    Tenor saxophonist Carmen Leggio
    …and John Norris, listed in multiple identities, but NOT as record producer???
    South African pianist, composer, educator Hotep Idris Galeta

  4. avatar David R. Adler says:

    Please forgive the errors, everyone, and thank you very much for the corrections. We had a clerical mishap and an older list got circulated, then added to, and it snowballed. We’ll check and double-check in the future. DA

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