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Ballot Committee Chair: Step Up!

Jan 13th, 2011 | By

Welcome to the JJA’s 25th anniversary year. Since being established in 1986, this organization has become a serious contributor in many significant ways to the culture, community and industry of jazz.

But before self-praise: The JJA needs a ballot committee chair for our 15th annual Jazz Awards, scheduled for mid June 2011. We need members to take responsibility for initiating programs wherever they are most professionally active. And we need members to renew dues promptly, while urging colleagues and associates who are not presently affiliated to join up.

The ballot committee chair is an important position that requires attention to detail in a concentrated time period. What members can do locally with support from and in coordination with the JJA is a wide open field — we intend this year to continue the “New Jazz for New Media” conference in Chicago, and to hold satellite parties around the Jazz Awards similar to those last year in Albuquerque, Berkeley, Chicago, Scottsdale and Seattle (Nashville has already signed on). And as for membership: one third of the JJA’s 338 professional, student and industry associate members come up for renewal in January. To keep our projects and newly improved infrastructure running, the JJA needs quick payment of dues (which have not gone up for professional members for 11 years). So please re-up now, and tell your jazz and journalism contacts what good networking, professional promotion and advancement opportunities the JJA affords.

To apply for the Jazz Awards ballot committee chair position, contact me at President@JazzJournalists.org. Use that email address also to get in touch about activities you think you can launch in the JJA’s name and for our broad constituency. Pay dues by clicking on “Membership” on the front page of JJANews. The JJA needs its members — to write articles for JJANews, to participate in panels, town halls and work sessions aimed at improving professional relations with activists in all sectors of the jazz world and opening new opportunities for jazz journalists, to come to our parties and spread the word about jazz music, life and news. It’s a pleasure to be involved in an organization that actually does something for its field, and that’s what the Jazz Journalists Association has gained a reputation for doing among the other individuals and organizations seeking to promote and perpetuate jazz.


About Howard Mandel

Howard Mandel is an author, media and events producer, editor, educator, lecturer and president of the Jazz Journalists Association.

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