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Dec 16th, 2010 | By

The Jazz Journalists Association has joined the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) and the Jazz Education Network (JEN), as a “support organization” and “Network Affiliate Group,” respectively. Both APAP and JEN are holding conventions in early January, APAP in New York and JEN in New Orleans — and the JJA will be having its second annual conference, “New Media for New Jazz” on the premises of the APA conference, from January 7 through 11. APAP has reciprocally joined the JJA as an Industry Support member.

The JJA’s membership in both APAP and JEN comes with significant benefits, some of which carry over to JJA members — however, JJA members must join as individuals if they wish to belong to those groups themselves. And the JJA’s membership does not constitute registration for any JJA member at either of the conferences. APAP has just announced that application for media registration is open: Journalists wishing media credentials for their convention should apply  here. JEN advises media members contact Communications Committee lead Gary Armstrong, MrGaryArmstrong@gmail.com, and/or Dawn DeBlaze, deblazeassoc@centurytel.net.

Membership in APAP is allowing the JJA to hold its meetings — a Friday panel introducing our new eyeJAZZ.tv initiative; a Saturday morning panel on “The New Feature: Long Form Music Journalism Now” and Saturday afternoon town hall on “State of Jazz Journalism Now, Prospects for the Immediate Future”; and work sessions Sunday and Monday with arts presenters and musicians — in spaces contracted by APAP at the Sheraton New York and New York Hilton Hotels. JJA members registering for the “New Media for New Jazz” conference are urged to use the Arts Presenters conference code to obtain reservations at the Sheraton at APAP’s rate of $199 w/in-room internet access (contact President@jazzjournalists.org for this code). JJA members as well as the general public are welcome to APAP’s pre-conference forums Friday morning on jazz and world music; we are also invited to APAP’s post-conference Jazz Forum at 2:30 pm Tuesday, Jan 11, which will be facilitated by Larry Simpson, senior vice-president for academic affairs at Berklee College of Music.

JJA members-in-good-standing are, due to the JJA’s Network Affiliate status with JEN, able to join JEN as individuals for $10. JEN membership, however, must be passed through the JJA for purposes of confirmation. For further information on joining JEN, e-mail President@jazzjournalists.org.

For information on member benefits to the JJA from APAP, click here. For information on the JJA’s member benefits from JEN, click here.

The JJA’s “New Media for New Jazz” conference includes more activities than those taking place within APAP’s confines: a Friday cocktail party for members, friends and colleagues, free admission to the Winter Jazzfest on Friday and Saturday nights, invitation to the National Endowment for the Arts’ presentation of its 2011 Jazz Masters at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Monday night. Full details will be announced as soon as a registration page for “New Media for New Jazz” can be created.

UPDATE: JJA Conference “New Media for New Jazz” events registration here. (Some event locations have not been finalized, but if you register, you’ll be notified by email of the location when it is confirmed.)

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