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Launching New Online JJA ‘Office’

Sep 20th, 2010 | By

After months of internal labor, the JJA’s new online office http://members.jazzjournalists.org (no “www” here) has opened for business. Members must update their organizational profiles and information as soon as possible —  go to this online office and follow login directions to establish your password and status for future participation in the JJA. You can login if you are now or ever have been a paid-up JJA member, in any membership category (full professional, student/apprentice, industry supporter) and want to stay on the JJA’s contact list. This new online office will

  • provide JJA members with a new membership directory in which we will customize public and membership-only profiles
  • help us verify eligibility for member discounts, Awards voting, etc.
  • administer most JJA email lists (replacing jja-announce and members-announce)
  • administer all JJA Member records
  • send out automatic membership renewal reminders
  • ease creation of special interest or geographical groups for organizing events, etc.

The JJA has never had a paid office staff or a physical office — which has contributed to difficulties regarding record-keeping. The transfer of data from Jazzhouse.org and previous membership lists has been difficult, and there are undoubtedly some errors — so JJA members are urged to view their own records, correct and update them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Changes members make will automatically be made in administrative records. If a members’ Membership Level or payment status appears incorrectly at members.jazzjournalists.org, please contact admin@jazzjournalists.org.

JJA members should register now. Jazz journalists and industry or personal supporters of jazz journalism (and students or apprentices in it) who are not affiliated with the JJA are also invited to visit Members.jazzjournalists.org. Information on how to join the JJA is (of course) available at  members.jazzjournalists.org.

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