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Successor to Swing Journal, published by Yamaha Corporation

Introducing Japan Jazz magazine

Sep 16th, 2010 | By

A new monthly magazine, Japan Jazz, website http://www.ymm.co.jp/p/jazz_japan.php, has risen from the ashes of Swing Journal, which suspended operations last May. Volume 1 Number 1 of Japan Jazz, published under the auspices of the Yamaha Corporation with a cover photo of electric guitarists Pat Metheny and Kazumi Watanabi, Oonishi Naoko’s “philosophical approach to jazz” and an essay on Wynton Kelly, among other features, debuted August 28.

Takafumi Mimori, the eighth and final editor-in-chief of Swing Journal, is editor-in-chief of Japan Jazz, which includes writing by such established jazz journalists as Kenny Inaoka, editor-in-chief/founder of webmagazine JazzTokyo.com and a prodigious jazz record producer. The 228-page first issue has a news-stand price of 1000 yen ($11.65).

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4 Comments to “Introducing Japan Jazz magazine”

  1. avatar Daniel Kelten says:

    Are foreign subscriptions available? I had three years’ running of Swing Journal back in the 80s, including a foreign gift subscription. Loved that magazine. Glad something is up and going to take its place. Since I’m currently in the US, I would like to know about subscribing from here.


  2. avatar Sanford Josephson says:

    In the preface of my book, “Jazz Notes: Interviews Across the Generations” (Praeger/ABC-Clio) I mention that I became passionate about jazz while living in Japan in 1965-67. Here’s what I wrote: “In Japan, I saw Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Mann and numerous other well-known jazz artists in concerts and in clubs. More importantly, however, I frequented many coffee houses and bars, in both Tokyo and outlying towns. At each of these coffee houses/bars, there were hundreds of record albums, and whatever record was playing was featured in a special spot of prominence.” I understand from the pianist Tomoko Ohno that these types of venues no longer exist in Japan.

    W. Royal Stokes, writing in “JJA News”, the online newsletter of the Jazz Jazz Journalists Association, “enthusiastically” recommends my book. Here is a link to the review: http://news.jazzjournalists.org/2010/05/jazz-notes-interviews-across-the-generations/.

    Sanford Josephson
    West Orange,NJ, USA

  3. avatar jimmy says:

    I like the edgy “Death Jazz” sound from Soil and Pimp sessions, they’re so cool

  4. Would like to find info on touring,CD submissions, Radio/TV advertising in Japan & print magazines.
    US. Contemporary Bass- Michael Haggins



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