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William Gottlieb photos enter public domain

Aug 4th, 2010 | By

Peruse some of the treasure on Flickr, via the Library of Congress.

[Via Patrick of ABS.]

[Update: WPFW-FM will be interviewing the JJA’s Larry Appelbaum of the Library of Congress on the Gottlieb collection – audio to come if possible.]

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2 Comments to “William Gottlieb photos enter public domain”

  1. Bill Gottlieb’s body of work is jazz’s equivalent of the Farm Security Administration’s photographs of America during the (last) Great Depression: definitive, authoritative, and creatively documentary. That both are now in the Library of Congress and in the public domain strikes me as a very right thing: the proper repository for such a treasure, one openly available to us all.

  2. avatar Ismail says:

    I agree with you, and I’m speaking on this same topic to a paernt group here in a week or so, so this is timely. I think one thing that appeals to paernts who are in favor of such a statute is the sense that it makes you seem cooler’ to your kids. It’s okay, we’re hanging out together! One thing that gets missed in that scenario is that kids (even teens) look, sound and act like they’re a lot more mature than they actually are, and even their own paernts can be fooled into thinking they get it and wouldn’t then binge drink w/ their friends. We have to remember that they ARE still kids, often with very bad judgment. Seems like yet another misguided attempt to be our kids’ friends. Thanks for the extra fodder for my talk!

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