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#jazzlives, the twitter campaign, at one year old

Aug 26th, 2010 | By

#Jazzlives is a Twitter campaign meant to demonstrate there is indeed a healthy, happy, young and tech-savvy audience for live jazz. I’ve posted at length about it on my blog in hopes of reinforcing the campaign’s popularity during these last weeks of August and early September, high season for jazz festivals where audiences can be encouraged to tweet, raising their hands to be counted when they’ve been missed by formal audience surveys. If you hear live jazz and use Twitter (as 140 million people do), tweet WHO you heard and WHERE, give a haiku-like review and include #jazzlives in the 140 words. And watch the twitter #jazzlives stream at the JJA’s archive website Jazzhouse.org, among other places (If you want your own #jazzlives stream, write to admin@jazzjournalists.org).


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Howard Mandel is an author, media and events producer, editor, educator, lecturer and president of the Jazz Journalists Association.

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