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Zan Stewart retires from Star-Ledger

Jul 5th, 2010 | By

And who better than Zan himself to tell the tale, in this farewell post.

As Zan observes, the list of on-staff jazz journalists at U.S. newspapers continues to dwindle. Who’s left? Feel free to brainstorm with us in the comments box.

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2 Comments to “Zan Stewart retires from Star-Ledger”

  1. Zan, we’re gonna miss you! But thanks to modern technology, we’ll be able to keep in close touch. It’ll be interesting to hear if you feel more or less connected to the music upon your relocation. And if you want to hook up with the JJA members in the area, there’s a good group of ’em, check out the members’ list at jazzhouse.org (for now, soon to move to JazzJournalists.org) for their contact #s —


  2. avatar Charles Dickerson says:


    I would like to make contact with you on behalf of my brother and your longtime friend Dwight Dickerson. Would you please send me an e-mail so I can put the two of you in touch with each other?


    Charles Dickerson

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