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Photos from Scottsdale, Arizona Jazz Awards Party!

Jun 16th, 2010 | By

Scottsdale is home to the JJA’s youngest member, Mikayla Gilbreath, who gathered on June 14th with some of the local scene’s leading lights for a Jazz Awards satellite party. Big thanks to our Arizona community!

Left to right: Vocalist Delphine Cortez, Mikayla Gilbreath, bassist (and board member of Jazz in Arizona) Steve Douglas.

Left to right: Jill Gilbreath, Mikayla Gilbreath, saxophonist and recording artist Marion Meadows, his wife Maria Meadows.

Left to right: Vocalist Delphine Cortez, vocalist Shaynee Rainbolt (back to camera), flugelhornist and recording artist Dmitri Matheny, Mikayla Gilbreath.

Left to right: Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Assistant Director of “Jazz in Arizona” Joan Leard, Executive Director of “Jazz in Arizona” Joel Goldenthal.

Left to right: Flugelhornist and recording artist Dmitri Matheny, pianist Nick Manson, Executive Director of Young Sounds of Arizona and saxophonist Eric Rasmussen.

Mikayla Gilbreath, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane.

Mikayla Gilbreath with her private instructor, saxophonist and educator Adam Roberts.

Left to right: 2009’s Most Influential Person in Jazz in Arizona, Patricia Myers, chatting with saxophonist, educator and recording artist Tony Vacca.

Former Count Basie Orchestra vocalist Dennis Rowland.

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2 Comments to “Photos from Scottsdale, Arizona Jazz Awards Party!”

  1. avatar Al Hirschhorn says:

    We’re rootin’ for you on the East Coast, Mikayla! You are making your family proud by everything you do as a performer, a journalist, and a host.

    God Bless,

  2. avatar Christen says:

    I think that’s awesome that Mikayla is pursuing the saxaphone! It would be great if more youth today would take on music or hobbies that were reminiscent of something to admired and respected. Where is Mikayla with her musical pursuits today? Is that really Marion Meadows’ wife? He has a wonderful track record as a musician. Didn’t realize he was married.

    Count Basie is simply a legend!!! Love him!!! Now, I expected to see him with a wife! LOL!

    This is great stuff! More youth today should embrace music and technology, as it is the wave of the future.

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