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A Portrait Gallery from City Winery, June 14, 2010

Farber’s Fotos, Jazz Awards Presenters and Recipients

Jun 16th, 2010 | By

Photograher Enid Farber, recovering from dislocated shoulders, shot her imagery at the Jazz Awards with help from an assistant — but as clear eyed as ever. Here are some of her pin-point portraits of journalists and musicians at the 14th annual Jazz Awards gala.


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2 Comments to “Farber’s Fotos, Jazz Awards Presenters and Recipients”

  1. avatar Enid Farber says:

    just to clear up the doc’s prognosis folks, it was NOT dislocated shoulders, it was rotator cuff surgery for a major tear from, well, guess what?!!!

    • avatar John Fenton says:

      Enid; your photographs set a kind of gold standard for those who walk in your wake. Belated Happy Jazz April and International Jazz Day from way down at the bottom of the world. Humping gear about will get you every time. That is what young people are for – I appropriate one or two as pack mules whenever I can (the big tip is NEVER go to photograph a B3 gig until the beast is in place – lest they say “would you mind helping as I take this down the stairs”).
      John Fenton

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