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Introducing JJA News

Apr 29th, 2010 | By

David R. AdlerDear JJA colleagues,

After many years of producing Jazz Notes, the quarterly publication of the Jazz Journalists Assocation, we are now announcing the launch of JJA News.

This new online venture will take the place of Jazz Notes, yet it will include all the content you’ve come to expect from it — book reviews, stand-alone features and think pieces, a frequent President’s Report, a Member Updates section, photo galleries and more.

In some respects, JJA News will very much resemble an online magazine. In other respects it will function like a blog. And we’ll direct you to newly posted content via an email newsletter, delivered to your inbox usually on a weekly basis. This way, JJA News can serve as the JJA’s official news feed and online megaphone, a mechanism through which we’ll keep you and the public abreast of events such as the annual Jazz Awards, Jazz Matters panels, JJA public outreach and education activities and other important organizational business.

From a paper publication to an online-distributed PDF document, Jazz Notes went through many changes over the years, and it’s always served us well. But the PDF quarterly format is still too static to represent the fast pace of the JJA’s work, not to mention the work of its devoted membership. Taking full advantage of the efficiencies of online syndication, social networking and so forth, we plan to make JJA News not only a better vehicle for information flow within the JJA itself, but also an invaluable outreach tool to the general public. This will serve us better in terms of recruiting new members, extending the reach of our journalistic efforts, coordinating new media efforts around the annual Jazz Awards — in short, making the JJA a more integral part of what someone recently described as the “throbbing networked intelligence,” i.e., the perpetual online conversation about jazz and related musics.

Visit the new site, take a look around, contribute! And thanks for your ongoing readership and support.

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